About Us

About Us

ULA Solicitors was established in 2007 by Mohammed Arif Ullah, a solicitor specializing in criminal defence, with a view to setting up a dedicated criminal defence practice specializing in high-profile, complex cases, often with an international dimension. In 2018 Ullah Law Associates incorporated into ULA Solicitors Ltd. Mohammed brings all his experience to bear in establishing a practice specializing in the most serious and complex work across all areas of crime, along with immigration, personal injury, litigation and family law.

We are a team of senior solicitors who combine their knowledge and expertise in representing our clients on the most serious and complex of cases. We firmly believe in striving to bring justice to the society. We have handled various high-profile cases and have maintained our longstanding reputation of being efficient and putting the client first. Our support for the client is not limited to the legal representation of their case; we go above and beyond to ensure that our client is at ease.

We have developed a strong, experienced and committed team legal representatives who are ambitious about providing the best service with high standards. We believe that the correct representation results in the best outcomes. We provide support to our clients from the first point of arrest to representation at court hearings.

The team members are experts in their analytical approach to cases, probing the evidence, and being prepared to challenge statute, case law, and evidence. Amongst the cases handled have been a number of high profile and sensitive matters in which the media have taken great interest adding to the level of care and expertise required.

Professional Comments

Allegations of multiple rape and sexual assault spanning several yearswere made against the defendant by his wife. The defendant was found not guilty of all charges.

R v G, Grimsby Crown Court

The Defendant was charged, together with others, with serious allegations of kidnapping, blackmail, false imprisonment, and class B drug offences. The case was complex as it was accepted by the defence that all defendants were present whilst the alleged offences took place. The issue of joint enterprise arose as it…

R v A and Others, Croydon Crown Court

The defendant is charged with possession of a firearm and ammunition with intent to endanger life. This case involves number of very serious allegations all of which have an evidential or circumstantial link with the defendant. The defendant is charged with possession of a firearm and ammunition with intent to…

R v I, Snaresbrook crown court

This case was a multi-handed conspiracy to burgle involving a significant amount of telephone and surveillance evidence. The defendants were intercepted by armed undercover officers in the company of three others. The group had been under surveillance for some time as the police acted on intelligence. The defendants were…

R v M & Others, Kingston crown court

the defendant was charge with Arson with intent to endanger life, after negotiation the matter was proceeded with simple Arson, which had significant ramification on sentencing powers available.

R v L, Southwark Crown Court

The firm prides itself on its meticulous preparation and command of the legal and factual issues involved in any of its cases, and its consequent ability to robustly challenge evidence whether in court or at an earlier stage of proceedings and negotiate in their client's favour. Those at the firm have substantial experience of handling various cases including those with cross jurisdictional boundaries. Mohammed Ullah and his team have an excellent reputation amongst clients as they always consider their needs and advise accurately in accordance with the latest developments in the law.

As a result of their extensive experience in the most challenging cases, those at ULA Solicitors have developed a close working relationship with the country's leading barristers, Queen's Counsel, and chambers. This ensures that the best representation for a given case can be procured and that the relationship between counsel and lay client is managed to best effect. This provides a bespoke legal service with the lay client benefiting from the expertise of barrister and solicitor alike.

Criminal Solicitors London Area, Personal Injury London Area, Immigration Solicitors London Area


To achieve the best outcome for each of our clients and to represent our client in a highly professional manner in order to real a positive outcome of the case.

Criminal Solicitors London Area, Personal Injury London Area, Immigration Solicitors London Area


Providing support to our clients through every step of the process.
At ULA Solicitors, we put the client first.

Criminal Solicitors London Area, Personal Injury London Area, Immigration Solicitors London Area


Every aspect of our work is monitored for quality assurance. Thoroughness with file management, case handling, services, advice and approach. Our reputation is built upon our unique culture, meticulous preparation and commitment to our clients.