Personal Injury

Personal Injury

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What Is A Personal Injury Claim?

Personal injury refers to an injury or illness that has been caused by someone else's negligence. If you have suffered, you may be able to recover compensation from those responsible.

To make a claim, we have to prove that somebody else is at fault and that this has caused a loss or damage to yourself. A personal injury loss will be valued on independent medical evidence. A financial loss can include treatment costs, loss of earnings, or any care given to you by members of your family, friends or healthcare professionals.

You have 3 years from the date of the accident to make a personal injury claim.

Contact our Team now who will willingly assess the strengths of your case and advice you on your options. If the solicitor thinks you can make a claim, they will work for you on a no win no fee basis.

What Types Of Personal Injury Can You Claim For?

Some of the common types of personal injury we help people claim for include:

  • Serious injury (including traumatic brain and spinal injuries)
  • Accidents at work (including back, head and manual handling injuries)
  • Road traffic accidents (including pedestrian, cyclist and passenger accidents)
  • Whiplash Injury
  • Motorcyclist accidents
  • Child injury claims

Accidents at Work
UK Health and Safety legislation is designed to protect employees and to reduce the risk of accident and injury in the workplace. If you have been involved in an accident at work then you may be entitled to claim compensation for your injuries and the associated financial losses, for example, loss of earnings whilst off work recovering from your injuries.

Health and Safety regulations cover all forms of workplace accidents and injury including:

  • Working at Height
  • Lifting
  • Use of Machinery and Equipment
  • Use of Safety Equipment
  • Tripping and Slipping

As well as helping you ultimately to claim compensation, we can also help you with your private medical treatment costs and rehabilitation requirements, for example, for physiotherapy following the injury if necessary.

Road Traffic Accidents
At ULA Solicitors we have a significant amount of experience representing clients who have been injured in road traffic accidents involving cars, lorries, motorcycles, bicycles, pedestrians or accidents on public transport.

Your injury claim will be dealt with by one of our experienced Personal Injury Solicitors. They will be responsible for helping you through every step of your claim. Our solicitors have years of experience and can quickly assess the feasibility of your claim.

Whiplash Injury
Whiplash is a type of injury which is often a consequence of a road traffic accident. It affects the neck and back and tends to last from a few weeks to a couple of years. In a collision on the road, whiplash is almost unavoidable, but treating it can be complicated and expensive.Whiplash can last a few weeks or, in more severe cases, it can go on for longer.

If whiplash happens after a road traffic accident which wasn't caused by you, the driver responsible can be claimed against if they have insurance. If the driver is uninsured, you will need to go through the Motor Insurance Bureau to apply for compensation from them.

Motorcycle Accidents
Where motorcycles are involved in crashes on the road with another vehicle, a number of injuries often occur as a result, some of the most common being:

  • Whiplash, coming from a sudden jolt
  • Burns from skidding on the road surface
  • Broken bones from hitting the ground
  • Spinal injuries, often coming with whiplash
  • Head injuries
  • Loss of limbs

As with other road traffic accidents, the driver causing the crash is usually at fault. If they have insurance, you can claim against them directly. If not, you should go through the Motor Insurance Bureau, who are a third party which tries to get money from uninsured drivers to compensate you. If you would like to know whether you are eligible for compensation involving a motorcycle accident, contact our team for an individual assessment.

Child Injury Claims
If your child or baby has been injured in an accident or through negligence, as their parent or guardian you are allowed to make a personal injury claim for compensation for their injuries. Once a child has turned 18, they have 3 years to pursue a claim for compensation if their parent or guardian has not already done so.

We understand that our clients and their families have lives which do not revolve around litigation. We will build the case around your lives, trying to put them back as they were before the accident as far as that is possible. Rehabilitation is a vital part of this process and we can provide access to an independent living advice service and a range of leading child injury case managers who will tailor the rehabilitation to your child's needs.

If your child has suffered a serious injury or you would like a second opinion on an ongoing case, please contact us for specialist advice.

Funding your Personal Injury Compensation Claim

What Is No Win No Fee?
A no win no fee agreement (also known as a conditional fee arrangement) allows you to make a compensation claim, with no financial risk to you and without paying any solicitors' fees upfront.

You only ever pay anything if your no win no fee claim is successful. If your case is unsuccessful you won't have to pay any legal fees - either to your own solicitor or to your opponent.

For more information about our personal injury claims services please contact a member of the team on 0208 4510 0236 or alternatively, complete the online enquiry form.

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For more information about our personal injury services please contact a member of the team on 0208 4510 0236 or alternatively, complete the online enquiry form.

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