Family Visas (Including spouse, fiancé(e), and dependents' visas)

Family Visas (Including spouse, fiancé(e), and dependents' visas)

We understand that this is a very personal process for you and your family, here at ULA Solicitors ourimmigration team are dedicated to helping families come together and remain together. Over the years, UK immigration has become tighter and strict and where many independent applications face rejection, you can rely on our team to assist you in your application. Our experienced and well established team of immigration solicitors are well equipped to handle all aspects of family migration to the UK. By allowing us to manage your application to UK Visas and Immigration, you can be confident your submission will be correct, supporting documentation is collated, and all other bases are covered to provide the best chance of success.We are able to guide you through this process smoothly and provide clear advice on the requirements that you need to satisfy. We will provide you with an understanding of how the visa application process works and the information and documents you will need to provide. We will monitor this all the way and assist in preparing the bundle.

Family life
The European Convention on Human Rights (ECHR) is incorporated into UK law within the Human Rights Act 1998. Article 8 requires the UK authorities to respect your private and family life in the UK. This protection applies to everyone within the UK. However this protection is not an absolute right and a range of factors are taken into account when considering an application to remain in the UK under Article 8 of the ECHR.

You may be able to apply for leave to remain in the UK on this basis if a requirement for you to leave the UK would breach yours or your UK based family's rights. If you have a partner and/or child who live in the UK, your Article 8 Rights may be breached if your departure from the UK causes your family to be separated and your family members cannot join you outside the UK.

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