Our People

Our People

Sharfaa D.Kerkache

Trainee Solicitor


Sharfaa has over four years of experience as a senior paralegal in the areas of Criminal Defence, Civil Litigation, Personal Injury, Immigration and Wills and Probate. She graduated from the University of Leicester in 2014 and completed masters in International Law from SOAS in 2016. Sharfaa is currently undertaking her LPC at BPP in Holborn and is due to complete this by September 2020.

Since being at ULA Solicitors, she has increased her experience vastly. She has worked alongside Mohammed Ullah and Ines Diab and assisted in some of their more complex criminal and personal injury matters. She is an active learner and has attained valuable skills while working with the firm. She has a methodical approach to dealing with workload and is efficient in achieving the best possible outcomes for her clients.
Sharfaa has demonstrated exceptional skills in dealing with Civil Litigation, Criminal and Personal Injury cases. She continues to provide remarkable services aiding the acceleration of the firm.

Being a senior paralegal, Sharfaa has a diverse range of responsibilities in maintaining the smooth running of the office as well as liaising with courts, counsel and the police while working on cases. She has worked on various large-scale cases in Crime, Civil Litigation and Personal Injury. She has maintained her surpassing reputation of dealing with clients and ensuring the legal procedures are carried out with high standards. She has played a significant part in the planning, preparing and representing of major cases.

Most Recent Notable Cases

R v M
Sharfaa worked on this case under the supervision of Mohammed Ullah. Despite the evidence and there being testimonials for eye witnesses, she placed pressure on the Prosecution and was able to get the case dismissed before trial. The client was very pleased with the service provided and the outcome of his case.

R v P
Again Sharfaa worked alongside Mohammed Ullah and Counsel from 15 NBS. This was a complex Crown Court Case where the evidence was overwhelming. Sharfaa adopted a hands on approach to dealing with the case and the evidence.

R v H
This is an ongoing serious crown court case which is due to proceed to trial. Sharfaa has been working on this case under the supervision of Mohammed Ullah. Again her approach is very proactive, she is liaising with Counsel and the client to try and secure the best possible outcome.

What people have said

Sharfaa is a valued member of our team and her contribution to the firm is appreciable. She has progressed with her career in the legal sector and has demonstrated her ability to tackle high-demand cases and has gone above and beyond in ensuring that clients are looked after

Mohammed Ullah, ULA Solicitors

Sharfaa has played an important role in the firm and through her proactive skills in dealing with clients, she has exhibited high standards of work in a challenging environment

Ines Diab, ULA Solicitors

A friendly and approachable individual who has excellent paralegal skills. Sharfaa has maintained a hospitable attitude in the workplace