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Our People

Our People

Sharfaa D.Kerkache

Senior Paralegal

Sharfaa has over four years experience as a paralegal in the areas of criminal defence, family law, personal injury, immigration and wills and probate. She graduated from the University of Leicester in 2014 and completed masters in international law from SOAS in 2016. Sharfaa is currently doing her LPC at BPP in Holborn and is due to complete this by September 2020.

Since being at ULA Solicitors, she has increased her experience vastly. She has worked alongside Mohammed Ullah and Ines Diab in some of their more complex criminal and personal injury matters, learning key skills aiding her to achieve the best outcomes for her clients.

R v M
Sharfaa worked on this case under the supervision of Mohammed Ullah. Despite the evidence and there being testimonials for eye witnesses, she placed pressure on the Prosecution and was able to get the case dismissed before trial. The client was very pleased with the service provided and the outcome of his case.

R v P
Again Sharfaa worked alongside Mohammed Ullah and Counsel from 15 NBS. This was a complex Crown Court Case where the evidence was overwhelming. Sharfaa adopted a hands on approach to dealing with the case and the evidence.

R v H
This is an ongoing serious crown court case which is due to proceed to trial. Sharfaa has been working on this case under the supervision of Mohammed Ullah. Again her approach is very proactive, she is liaising with Counsel and the client to try and secure the best possible outcome.