Removal and Deportation

Removal and Deportation

Deportation orders are most often a consequence of the conviction of a foreign national for a crime in the United Kingdom, however can also be brought if deportation is assessed to be conducive to the public good and/or the person is the partner or dependent child of the person to be deported. A foreign national may be made the subject of a deportation order for the following reasons:

  • The Secretary of State believes that is in the interests of the public good that the foreign national is removed from the UK;
  • The foreign national is the spouse, civil partner or child of an individual who is the subject of a deportation order; or (see deportation of family members/family consideration); or
  • The foreign national is over 17 years old, has been convicted of a criminal offence which carries with it a prison sentence and the court which sentenced the foreign national recommended that he be deported once he has served his sentence.

Challenging Home Office Decisions

We will work with you to challenge Home Office Decisions with confidence and experience.

Receiving a refusal from the Home Office on your application can be a very stressful experience. We understand the pressure.

We will explore all the options with you and ensure you understand each stage.

If challenging a Home Office decision is the best way forward for you, we will ensure you have the best team to support you. We regularly act in litigation against the Home Office and have taken these challenges all the way in the past.

From the outset, our priority will be helping you meet your immigration goals as quickly and easily as possible. We will be with you the whole way.
Removal and deportation - Administrative removal is the process by which the Home Office can remove people from the UK. There is a distinction between removal and deportation. If someone is "removed" from the UK (also known as administrative removal) it means that they have been removed from the UK because, for example, they have entered the UK illegally, they have overstayed their visa or they have broken the conditions of their visa.

If you are facing administrative removal, our expert solicitors have the experience and means to assist you and fight in your corner. You can trust our team to work tirelessly to ensure your reasons for remaining in the UK are heard and every possible legal channel used to prevent the removal taking place.

If you have been administratively removed from the UK, you may be subject to a re-entry ban, meaning you will not be allowed to re-enter the UK for a period of one to ten years.

Deportation is a more serious matter and involves an entirely distinct legal process. The Secretary of State often makes decision to try and deport people from the UK if they have committed serious criminal offences and they therefore believe it would be in the public interest to deport those individuals from the UK. If you are issued with a Notice of Intended Deportation, your family can also be made to leave the UK.

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