Children and Parenting:

Disagreements about parentage and child custody are probably one of the most difficult areas resulting from a divorce or separation for both parents. At ULA Solicitors we understand this and hence have a team of solicitors who are able to assist.

There are three main areas relating to parenting:

  • Claiming child maintenance
  • Adding a father's name onto the birth certificate
  • Correcting a birth registration

Claiming child maintenance:
Parents can arrange child maintenance between themselves and this is a private arrangement. In the event that the parents cannot agree, the Child Maintenance Service (CMS) can be of some assistance. They can be of assistance where one parent is able to locate the other, where there are uncertainties about parentage, working out how much maintenance should be paid, renew the maintenance when the parents circumstances change and can take action if payments are not made.
No all parents know about the help provided by the Child Maintenance Service and/or how to get in touch with them. At ULA Solicitors there are individuals who are able to guide and assist you in seeking the help you require and also liaising with the CMS until your matter has resolved.

Getting a new birth certificate for your child:
In order to obtain a new birth certificate in the event that the father's name needs to be on it certain forms need to be completed and sent to the register office, following which, a new birth certificate would need to be ordered. Sometimes this process can be confusing and hence at ULA Solicitors, our team of professionals are able to assist with this, and in the completion of the necessary forms.

Correcting a birth certificate:
The individual would need to complete certain paperwork and sometimes, such as in the instance where the wrong father's details need to be removed, the mother would need a DNA test or court order. As such yet again the value of a solicitor can be seen, in not only advising one as to how to go about this, but also in completing various forms, and obtaining any necessary court orders.

There are three main areas relating to children:

  • Where your child has been taken abroad
  • Stopping your child's passport
  • Where your child is taken into care

Where your child has been taken abroad:
In the instance of a child being taken overseas, it is a far more serious situation as there may be criminal inquiries. Therefore, in such instances it is best for a parent to seek legal advice from a solicitor. At ULA Solicitors, we have experienced professionals in both family and criminal matters across England who offer expert advice on such matters.

Stopping your child's passport:
This would be in those instances where one was fearful that the other parent of the child would obtain the child's passport and take the child abroad. In such instances one would usually require a court order in order to stop their child's passport. The representing solicitors are able to obtain such orders from the court.

Child taken into Care:
A care order can be given by a court that allows the council to take a child into care. It is usually applied for by the council where they believe the child is at risk of suffering significant harm. The Care Order usually lasts until the child's 18th birthday, the child is given up for adoption, or the court lifts the order. Solicitors are able to help clients retain guardianship of the child and have the court order lifted.