Commercial Property:
Whether you are a property owner or tenant involved in a commercial property transaction, our specialist lawyers at ULA Solicitors have the experience and knowledge to assist you. Whatever type of premises you have, we offer expert legal services.

With our specialist commercial property knowledge, we are well placed to guide you. Our commercial property lawyers will take you through the leasehold transaction process, assisting with all aspects of commercial leases, acting for both landlords and tenants.

Our solicitors have the experience to provide practical advice in relation to all aspects of commercial leases such as:
• granting and negotiating leases;
• advice regarding assignments, sub-letting, underlettings and alterations;
• rent deposit deeds;
• advice on rent reviews;
• advice on service charges;
• lease renewals; and
• lease variations.

Should any dispute occur within the landlord - tenant relationship then here at ULA Solicitors we are able to advise you of your options and, if necessary, take the appropriate action to protect your best interests.

The Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors (RICS) has produced a Code for Leasing Business Premises in England and Wales. The Code which is endorsed by the government and leading property sector organisations, representing both owners and occupiers, aims to encourage fairness in commercial leases and promote transparency and flexibility in the property market. We adopt the RICS Code when granting or negotiating new commercial leases to ensure that the lease is fair and not one sided.

We are able to provide advice on issues such as:
• The length of term: How long do you require the commercial lease to last?
• Repair: The state of repair and condition the property has to be kept in?
• Rent reviews: How is the rent to be reviewed and how often?
• Break clauses: Will the landlord or tenant be able to bring the lease to an end before the term ends?
• Assignment and Sub-letting: Will the tenant be allowed to sell or sub-let the property if needed?

Property Litigation:
Property litigation encompasses disputes relating to property of all kinds. It typically involves disputes between property owners and tenants, but can include a wide range of other matters involving the ownership of residential, commercial, industrial, and agricultural property. In other cases, property investors and owners may retain the services of a solicitor when they need legal advice; for example, for drawing up contracts, or simply for obtaining advice in order to prevent future disputes or problems. Property disputes can be extremely costly, time consuming and stressful. At ULA Solicitors our property litigation solicitors can help you to resolve property disputes quickly and cost effectively.

Our Expertise:
• Lease renewals and termination of leases
• Possession claims
• Rent reviews
• Rent arrears and service charge disputes
• Service of break notices and other Landlord/Tenant notices
• Dilapidations and repairs
• Consent to sublet, assign or make alterations
• Estate management
• Leasehold enfranchisement
• Service occupancies

Disputes on buying, selling and using your property, including:
• Trespass, nuisance and damage to property
• Restrictive covenant and easement disputes
• Defects in title
• Adverse possession claims
• Overage disputes
• Contractual disputes
• Development agreement disputes

How Can We Help?

We have an experienced team who will guide you through the difficulties when property disputes raise. We react swiftly and adopt a proactive approach. We have close connections with barristers and other property professionals to ensure that we can be on hand quickly when you need us. We will provide you with the legal advice you need in a succinct format, together with clear recommendations so that you have a robust paper trail and all the information needed to guide you through the most complex legal problems. We will work hard to achieve the best result for you - be that in the court, mediation/arbitration or through negotiations.

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