Civil Litigation

Civil Litigation

Individuals and businesses can find themselves in situations where they have to defend themselves against litigation or need to take legal action against someone else.

Litigation is otherwise known as a legal method used to settle controversies, or disputes amongst others. The dispute may be brought in front of the court by those involved and it would be for the court to offer a resolution.

Here at ULA Solicitors our team of highly skilled and experienced lawyers represent both claimants and defendants in their disputes and can negotiate on your behalf, issue proceedings and represent you in court if needed. Our team will work closely with you guiding you every step of the way.

Areas We Cover

Contract disputes - A contract is a binding agreement or promise between two or more parties that can be verbal or written and enforced by the law.

  • Have you been affected by a breach of contract?
  • Have you purchased an unsatisfactory service?
  • As a business do you require advice on protecting your business through meticulously drafted contracts?
  • Is someone alleging that you breached a contract?

At ULA Solicitors our litigation team can help you in a number of ways including:

Advise on the consequences of entering a civil, business or commercial contract as well as acting for you to discuss the agreed terms of the contract with the other side.

  • We can prepare contracts for you to enter into with another party.
  • Furthermore where you have been party to a contract dispute we are able to help you obtain legal remedies involving monetary damages and equitable remedies involving the parties taking certain actions to correct the contractual dispute.

Neighbour Disputes
Disputes with a neighbour can be highly distressing for all those involved. The litigation team at ULA Solicitors has many years of experience dealing with neighbour disputes and can guide you through the process in order to resolve your dispute in the most effective manner. This can involve issuing court proceedings in order to obtain a court order. Court fees and applications may be involved and this is where the help of a solicitor becomes crucial.

Our solicitors can advise on a number of areas including:

Nuisance and harassment
Noise may be defined as a nuisance when 'it is an unlawful interference with a person's enjoyment or use of land.

Boundary and wall disputes
Boundaries can be physical and legal, the former being a feature such as a fence, and the latter an imaginary or invisible line dividing one property from another. The Land Registration Act 2002 allows you under certain conditions to record the exact line of your boundaries on a registered title.

Tree and high hedge disputes
Tree and hedge disputes can consist of some common issues such as overhanging trees and issues with encroaching roots. Whilst one may be able to trim the tree or hedge back to the boundary, they cannot interfere with the height or damage the tree or property.

Any disputes involving neighbours can be highly problematic, affecting your day to day life. ULA Solicitors can work with you every step of the way while providing you with quality service.

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